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Friday, March 25, 2011

Yemen Army Battalion Resists CIA's Al-Qaeda Offensive, Kills 12 Insurgents

Mohammed al-Kibsi [Yemen Observer]

Local sources in Abyan province told the Yemen Observer that at least 12 al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) fighters were killed and five others wounded during clashes with army forces in Lawder district's Akad area on Tuesday.

The source said that the AQAP fighters launched an offensive at a military battalion located in Akad area in Abyan province. The source added that the battalions resisted the offensive.
“The al-Qaeda insurgents were armed with RBGs, mortars, heavy machine guns and grenades and attacked the camp aiming to seize it. The soldiers were prepared for the fight and they could defeat them,” said the source. 

However the source declined to mention if there were any casualties among the military battalion personnel. Fearing another attack by al-Qaeda, a security source urged the deployment of reinforcements because he said dozens of insurgents were seen heading to the camp. 

Lawdar district is one of the AQAP strongholds where a number of confrontations between the security and military forces and AQAP took place over the last few months. 

AQAP had set up a number of ambushes and attacks, killing several  Yemeni policemen and soldiers in Lawdar and other districts in Abyan province recently.

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