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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pakistan's Foreign Office: Pentagon injected $130m in Western media to destabilize Arab countries

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir has disclosed that Pentagon injected $130 million in western media to destabilize the Arab Countries and US is supporting opposition in these countries as well

The disclosure was made before the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign affairs chaired by Senator Salim Saifullah on Saturday. The meeting was attended by Senator Khursheed Ahmed, Senator Jan Jamali and other officials. 

Salman Bashir briefing the senate committee on the Middle East situation and the evacuation of Pakistanis from troubled areas of Libya and Bahrain told the committee that we have good relations with Arab countries and the situation there is matter of concern. He added that due to crisis in Arab world Islamic world power is splitting and Pakistan has serious concern over this. 

He said that we believe that foreign force is not a solution and military action extremely dangerous notion. He added that whenever such a situation is created the people should decide the future. 

He said the main reason of crisis in Arab world is corruption, unemployment, police abuse and ban on political parties. 

He said that the crisis in Middle East seems that it would further accelerate . He said that the situation in Libya is different from other Arab countries as Col Gaddafi is not liked by many world leaders and this could be the reason for action against him. 

Salman Bashir told that the attack on Libya was in accordance to the UN resolution. 

Salman Bashir further told the committee that currently in Bahrain there are 63000 Pakistanis out of which 5000 have returned and reportedly 5 Pakistanis have been killed. He said that a task force has been formed to evacuate Pakistanis residing there. 

Chairman Committee Saleem Saifullah said that Pakistan suffered a major loss by releasing Raymond Davis. He said that Davis killed two innocent citizens of this country and in return we let him go scot-free and asked that facts leading to his release should be presented before the committee. 

He said that as a result of his release innocent tribesmen were killed in a drone attack on Data Khel which the committee severely condemns.

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