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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RAW-backed terrorism in Sri Lanka which even Indian Ministers may not know

Charles S. Perera [Lankaweb]

The Indian High Commission in Colombo had  quoted Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman Shri Vishnu Prakash as saying, "We have seen reports from Sri Lanka referring to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s statement alluding to the presence of LTTE training camps in Tamil Nadu. We categorically deny the existence of any such camps. The Government of Sri Lanka had also not taken up this issue with us. Such a reference is indeed unfortunate and we urge the Government of Sri Lanka to desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports."

The Indian external affairs Minister may perhaps not be aware of any existing terrorist training camps in Tamil Nadu.  But the fact that there had been such camps in Tamil Nadu cannot be denied as testimony had been received of their existence during the investigations by the Jain Commission. Have they been completely closed?
If the remaining Sri Lanka terrorist "rump" has any teerorists who had received training in these camps in the jungles  of Tamil Nadu will know how to steal their way into them without drawing the attention of the Tamil Nadu government officials.

These training camps were conducted by the Indian  secret service:  Research and Analysis Wing. The RAW which was established in 1962 after India’s defeat in the Sino-India war of that year is operating as an autonomous and Independent body since 1968, says  Zaheera Hassan writing on 6.2.2009 to NowPublicCrowd Powered media in the internet.

The RAW  has since  grown in size and power. The Agency which is now autonomous and independent is said to be directly responsible to the Prime Minister, with extremist Hindu groups slowly and gradually capturing its nucleus, even the Ministers of his cabinet  are unaware. It is said to be the second largest and dangerous intelligence organization after CIA.

In Pakistanpal’s Blog Isha Khan says, "…To suit her much publicized Indira Doctrine, (actually India Doctrine) Mrs. Gandhi specifically asked RAW to create a powerful organ within the organization which could undertake covert operations in neighboring countries. It is this capability that makes RAW a more fearsome agency than its superior KGB, CIA, MI-6, BND and the Mossad"

RAW’s methods of achieving set objectives are  based on, "propagating, spying and sabotaging in neighboring countries  through creating instability; political anarchy, terrorism and interference". RAW was even suspected to have attempted to bring the Islamic state of Bangladesh under the control of India, and having failed tried to destabilize her by assassinating Mujibur Rehman.

India  had been in disagreement with Sri Lanka for its close connection with Pakistan and China. The situation became worse when Sri Lanka allowed Pakistan air crafts to land in Colombo, when India banned their flying over its air space during the India–Pakistan war of 1971.

It was therefore to teach a lesson to Sri Lanka for allowing flight facilities  to Pakistan that Indira Gandhi is said to have taken a policy decision to carry out subversive activities in the North of Sri Lanka for which she detailed R.N Kao and Parthasathy.  

The RAW is more powerful and knows how to act  discretely and effectively.  It is said that the "….. agency has always exploited political, racial, cultural, sectarian, religious differences and petty issues for further deteriorating the conditions of other countries. Its name turns out to be a horror even for the political opponents of the Indian governments…."

Federation of  American Scientist Website, has said about the RAW- that it is directly under the Prime Minister  Manmohan Singh.  Its structure payments for its activities are kept a secret even from the Indian Parliament.

A dog barks when he has been surprised by a stranger.  The stray  dogs far away who had not been surprised by any stranger bark because they heard the firs dog’s bark,  but  not for any  apparent reason .

The Indian Foreign Ministry "barked out" shouts of denial of  the Sri Lanka Prime Ministers statement to the Parliament of the existence of terrorists camps in India, to defend it self, but  “the stray dogs” in Sri Lanka the  anti Sri Lanka media like the Sunday Times, anti Sri Lanka websites, the Sri Lanka Guardian, Transcurrent, Groundview, LankaeNews, and  the infamous "Thisaranee", who apparently has an axe to grind with "Rajapaksas",  are "barking" to criticize  the Prime Minister for no reason,  but because the Indian Foreign Ministry  “bqarked out” denials of  the  Sri Lanka Prime Minster’s Statement. 

I cannot understand how Sri Lankan media could come forward to discredit its own government, unless they are paid  to “make noises” to cover up facts. It cannot be explained otherwise as there are enough evidence  to suspect  the existence of RAW training camps for terrorists some where  in India if not in TamilNadu . 

“In 1986/87 full throttle have been imparted to the movement by RAW while establishing 32 LTTE training camp in Kulathur, Salem district, India,  By mid 1987, over 20,000 Sri Lankan Tamil insurgents had been provided sanctuary, finance, training and weapons either by the central government, state government of Tamil Nadu or by the insurgent groups themselves. While most of the initial training was confined to Indian military and paramilitary camps in Uttar Pradesh, specialized training was imparted by the Indian instructors attached to RAW to Sri Lankan insurgents in New Delhi and Bombay.The most secretive training was conducted in Chakrata, north of Dehradun, India’s premier military academy for training service personnel, where RAW had also imparted training to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Tibetan dissidents.”

It is also said that , “The Congress used to support LTTE till late eighties but later on stopped backing LTTE. On the other hand RAW never withdrew her covert help to LTTE because she was and is running a parallel government in India.
Mamoona Kazmi writing on 21.3.2010 to  The Pakistan Spectator-  A candid Blog,  says how RAW  is operating against Pakistan.  It recruits  Pakistan Baloch dissidents and send them to India  for training in sniper shooting, handling technical equipment- GPS and Wireless and intelligence gathering.  They are trained in secret camps in Kabul, Jalahabad, Khawaja Ghat, Khost, Paktia and so on. 

Globalsecurity.org  reported that RAW has its training  camps in the High Security Military Installations in Chakrata, Ramakrishnapuram areas  in New Delhi. It had been reported in  April, 2005 that there were 40 terrorist training camps run by the RAW in Afghanistan, East Panjab, Kashmir and Uttarpradesh.

A dossier containing  Indian involvement in subversive activities  had been handed over to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza  Gillani at one of their meetings.

India  made a big issue of two fisherman found killed in the  Sri Lanka maritime space.  It  is  a matter that should not be left lightly. It has to be very closely watched as if there are secret camps in Tamil Nadu unknown to the Tamil Nadu State, it may be possible that Sri Lanka terrorists are secretly maintaining some of the old training camps in TamilNadu and taking cover as fishermen to go in and come out of these camps. 

A friend of mine sent me  an e-mail recently and it contained this passage:
 “Every night the radar system in SL picks up the presence of Indian trawlers off its coastline. Sometimes Indian fishing boats go as far south as Trincomalee. To cluster around the SL coastline in places like Point Pedro, Kankasanthurai, Delft Island, Thalimanna, these boats have first to cross the international boundary. On February 19th they detected over 700 boats that did not carry the Indian flag. Every day the defense attach√© in Colombo is given the day’s list of sea incursions. Every day, I am told, the deputy High Commissioner in Chennai faxes the same list to the Director of Fisheries, Tamil Nadu, whose office no doubt maintains a registry of ownership. From January 1st this year till the date of writing, the approximate number of Indian trawlers, that were sighted in SL waters were 6,466. Did any one know this scenario? Why didn’t G.L. Peiris say this in the parliament?

What if there were 10 Tamils per each boat ( 700 X 10 = 7000) attacked and captured Katachev Island? It will be their’s and no one will be able to dislodge them. “

Katchativu Island was handed over to Sri Lanka  in 1974.  There was  already a Church in the island dating  back to 1905.  The Situation in Sri Lanka is different today. The Island should now be used to protect Sri Lanka’s maritime border and should not be made a  religious centre for people to gather.  Because if allowed,  it could be  a security risk to Sri Lanka. 

Katchativu should therefore be made a Sri Lanka Military Post and perhaps, it would be appropriate to build a Buddhist Temple as well to make it a gathering point for  both the Sinhala and Tamil Communities.

To understand the RAW better: the following books are recommended:

(1) Raw and Bangladesh, by  Zaihel Abedin Mukti Bhini Activist.

(2) Inside RAW: the Story of India’s Secret Service.(Vikash Publishing House New Delhi)

(3) Open Secrets, India’s Intelligence Unveiled. M.K.Dhar( Manas Publishing House

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