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Friday, March 11, 2011

US, India and Israel setting up terrorists against Pakistan

The Nation (Pakistan)

LAHORE – The US spy agency CIA cobra network is using the Afghan war veterans to achieve their vested interests on Pakistani soil, while the madrassahs should operate under the direct supervision of the government. The ISI, MI, IB, Punjab Police, Special Branch in collaboration with the representatives of civil society should frame a mutual counter-terrorism strategy to eliminate the menace.

ISI former regional commander Punjab Brigadier (r) Muhammad Aslam Ghuman, MI former regional commander Punjab Brigadier (r) Muhammad Yousuf, Additional Inspector General of Operational Police Punjab (Additional IGP) Rafiq Hassan Butt, In-charge Aiwan-e-Waqt Khawaja Farrukh Saeed and Jam Sajjad Hussain expressed these views during a brief debate organised under the auspicious of Nawa-i-Waqt, TheNation and Waqt News here at Aiwan-e-Waqt.

Yousuf said, “We have to devise a comprehensive strategy to uproot terrorism network from our soil in which internal and external factors are directly or indirectly involved. The annual budget of CIA was hundred times manifold as compared to the entire fiscal budget of Pakistan. In connection with the menace of terrorism even within limited resources ISI, MI, IB and Special Branch have performed well. These agencies should further coordinate each other so that we may protect our sovereignty,” he added.

He stressed upon the political brass and big guns of sensitive institutions to analyse the root causes especially screening atmosphere of religious seminaries and initiate action from grass root level to eliminate this monster of terrorism. Fulminating to the stagnancy of police department, Yousuf said provincial police should adopt effective and scientific strategy for busting the aforesaid network. “The police department should restore public confidence by providing them immediate justice besides eliminating such foolish police picket system on various arteries of the country,” he concluded.

Brigadier (r) Aslam Ghuman said that India, USA and Israel were ‘injecting’ suicide bombers in the veins of our homeland in connivance with local agents, who often provide them logistic support for their vested interests. He said that intelligent, honest and committed leaders should supervise all the sensitive institutions, adding our intelligence network has been ranked the best professional set up across the world. “There was no Indian Consulate in Afghanistan when former Afghan Ameer Mullah Umer was ruling the state but now dozens of Indian Consulates have been established on the soil of neighbouring state which were engaged in brainwashing and pumping teenaged bombers in Pakistan.”

The ISI former chief further said when the USA become a unipolar power in the world, it left Pakistan in the clutches of 40,000 Mujahideen, which she maneuvered for its vested interests against the Russian state. 
He said the current situation of lawlessness is the outcome of those Mujahideen, who were created by the CIA. 

Rafiq Hassan Butt said that the provincial police were playing a pivotal role in uprooting the suicide network. “Terrorism is an international crime and in vast perspective the local agents of the terror-hit localities were the prime culprits of this crime,” he added. 

He complained the politicians, media men and other authorities concerned should first realise their prime responsibility that the brazen attacks were being carried out from local level, as the bombers, manipulators and even sometime the masterminds were Pakistani. 

“Over 60 suicidal attacks, which took place across the province, claimed more than 665 innocent lives. The police have recovered 28,000 kilogram explosive materials, four mines, suicidal vests and 30 rocket launchers,” he revealed. 

He said that the investigation police had traced 20 such high profile sensitive cases while they were expecting more breakthroughs

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