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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Davis flies into fury on prayer call

A jail officer, pseudonym Mohammad Abdullah, claimed the American abused Jail Superintendent Mian Mushtaq Awan who was approaching to pacify him. 
Before the superintendent, Davis misbehaved with Awan’s subordinates who woke him up for the breakfast around 8am. 
“You all are bloody bastards. How dare you wake me without my permission. Now get lost,” Davis swore at Abdullah. 

Abdullah said he just woke Davis up to tell him that some senior officers, transferred from other jails for the special duty, had brought him breakfast, but he flew into rage. 
Then the senior official themselves gave it a try, humbly saying, “Davis Sahib, please take your breakfast”. 
Davis shouted in reply, “You uncivilised fools don’t even make good servants. Is this the method to serve?” 
On being informed, Mian Mushtaq Awan arrived within no time and tried his best to placate Davis, but the raging Davis just ran over him. “I am saying you should go now, bastard,” Davis shouted at Awan. 
Abdullah said though they could understand what Davis was saying, they asked Awan. But Awan tried to downplay it, saying, “Davis was using meaningless slang.” 

“He started shouting in a quite savage manner in the wee hours when the Azaan was in progress and the prisoners were waking up for the prayers,” said a prisoner requesting not to be named. 

The inmate said that Davis started shouting, “Shut the louder or I will raise the matter with the (US) Consulate.” 

“Surprisingly, jail officials shut the loudspeaker. It prompted the other prisoners to protest. In return, the officials switched the speaker back on,” said the inmate. 

An official of the Kot Lakhpat Jail, pseudonym Bholi Shah, said Davis had started huffing and puffing on hearing the Friday prayer call on his first day in jail.

“Seeing four prisoners offering Asr prayers in the corridor of their barrack, Davis started grumbling in a derogatory way,” said Shah.

The other prisoners continue to face acute shortage of basic necessities in the Kot Lakhpat Jail. They say they see Davis’ behaviour as highly intolerable. Three to four US Consulate vehicles visit Davis every day.

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Americans are animals. we can sort them out very well

That bloody davis is only a frigging piece of shit. A few typical "CHITTARS" would be enough to sort him out until he meets his destiny.

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