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Monday, February 21, 2011

Davis was CIA's deputy station chief in Pakistan

LAHORE - Raymond Allen Davis, who killed two Pakistanis last month in the provincial capital, is second-in-comm-and to Jonathan Banks, the former station chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Islamabad, The Nation has learnt.
Well-placed sources said that the highly-trained operative of the CIA was the second important man of the CIA in Pakistan after ex-station chief Jonathan Banks who left Pakistan after his cover was blown. Banks left Islamabad when Karim Khan, a resident of North Waziristan, submitted an application at the Secretariat Police Station, Islamabad for a FIR against the CIA station chief for the killing of Karim's brother and son in one of the drone attacks directed by the CIA boss in Pakistan.

The sources said that Davis could be called the deputy station chief of the CIA in Pakistan, or the acting station chief.

They said that after Banks left the federal capital, Davis assumed the charge of his office by carrying out all the tasks previously under the domain of his boss, including gathering information for drone attacks. The sources said that one of the main tasks of Davis was to keep CIA network intact in the tribal agencies as well as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).
Establishing their point regarding Davis, the sources said that the detained killer of Pakistanis demanded 'naswar' in jail, which reflects he visited the KP frequently. He also speaks the local languages and has complete information about the cultures being practised in all the provinces.
The sources said that monitoring and assisting other operatives gathering information about religious and rightwing organisations, especially those who take a sharp line against the US or India, was also on Davis' duty list.
The sources said it is believed that the US operative was establishing a local network for the CIA in Pakistan by recruiting the locals through various front organisations, of which some were launched in Pakistan and some from other friendly countries of the US in the western world.
The sources said that Davis was trying to establish a local CIA network in Punjab, mainly in the southern parts of the province.
To a query, the sources said that security services were ready to thwart any conspiracy against the country hatched locally or internationally. The security agencies always exposed the enemies of the state and averted several threats to the security and integrity of the country, the sources added.
Monitoring Desk adds: US national Raymond Davis contacted his family members back in American and talked with them for 12 minutes, reported a private TV channel Sunday.
Davis told them the situation and asked them to pray for his release. He said to his family members not to worry about him but only pray for him. He said, "I have committed a mistake, and I have realized it."
After talking to his family members on the phone, Davis became sad and didn't even eat chocolates and drinks the US Consulate sent for him.


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