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Monday, February 28, 2011

Swiss Citizen Taken into Custody in Balochistan

QUETTA: A Swiss citizen has been taken into custody for travelling in Loralai district of Balochistan without a No Objection Certificate (NOC).Is he actually a Swiss national or is that his under cover nationality?
According to Express 24/7, Swiss Citizen “Merko” entered Balochistan from Iran and aimed to travel to Punjab by road through Loralai. Levies Force took the Swiss citizen into custody for not having an NOC from Balochistan’s Home Department. He has been shifted to Quetta for necessary interrogation regarding travelling along Loralai route without NOC.

Secretary of Home and Tribal Affairs, Akbar Hussain Durrani told Express 24/7 that the Swiss Citizen was travelling through an area of the province where an NOC is necessary for any foreigner.
The detainment of the Swiss citizen follows the recent arrest of an American national in Peshawar, who is thought to have been working for a private security company, after he outstayed his Pakistani visa.
The US embassy in Islamabad identified the man arrested on Friday as Aaron Mark DeHaven.
The purpose of the visit by DeHaven, whose visa expired in December last year, was unclear but a security official told AFP he had been working with private security agency Catalyst in Islamabad.
Source: Tribune.com.pk
Editor’s Note: It is imperative to mention at this juncture that MOSSAD agents have in the past been found using passports from European countries, most notably in the Dubai assassination incident last year. There is a strong possibility that some CIA under cover agents are using the same technique in Pakistan.

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