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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Dear Revolution?

Dear revolution.
I know that you are near somewhere at my neighbors'  and very busy changing their set up. Believe me Pakistan is the first country who needs you badly. I know you have knocked the Pakistani door very hard but we the so called Pakistani-nation was busy sleeping during the day time because we are up all night chatting on the Internet and talking on the mobile phones. Most of the ladies are busy watching star-plus that is why they have missed your knock. Try one more time please, and my invitation to you is very valid and reasonable, let me share with you the facts:
Our unemployment rate is 15% which is the highest in many countries. Other countries have started to call us an impoverished and underdeveloped country from developing which means our development has been stopped.
Once we have been declared the most dangerous place in terrorism; dangerous than Iraq which is a war zone.
Our per capita income has been stopped on one place and our real growth rate is going towards downside since 2009.
Our education rate is less than 38% in which all those who can write their names only are included.
The people who make laws and design our constitution hold the fake degrees but we re-elect them in every election.
We are rich in coal, natural gas, gold and we are a nuclear power but we have energy short fall around the country. Due to which most of our industries are closed and labors are unemployed.
We are very intelligent to serve other countries but we are coward enough to come back to our soil and work for our people.
Our thickly populated province Punjab has 109% increases in crime and police is helpless there.
People are ashamed if a girl commits suicide because her husband was killed by an American but they are not ashamed and bothered if an 8 year old girl is raped and killed by a gang.
Our president is famous for his corruption cases around the world and our prime minister is racing him closely with all his family. Most of our leaders get the votes from the people living in Pakistan but their future is secured outside Pakistan.
Our religious/political parties are exploiting people specially women on the name of Islam by using laws like Blasphemy which was made by British government before partition of sub-continent.
Our province Sind has malnutrition rate of 20% and according the UNICEF the alarming malnutrition rate for any government is 15%. In spite the fact that our president who is the local boy from Sind is one of the richest person in Pakistan.
So my dear Revolution do you really need more reasons to come to Pakistan?
Farheen Rizvi

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