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Friday, February 11, 2011

Raymond Davis or Pakistan - The USA must Choose NOW!

Pakistan: the punching bag of a bully!
 Will the US want to lose Pakistan as an ally by threatening to stop the military and civilian aid, if the Government does not release Mr. Raymond Davis (pseudo name)?
I don't want to believe that Pakistan is worth a few billions of dollars only, where the nation has to go through such disgrace and humiliation by succumbing to master's pressures. But then, the fact is that Pakistan is at its weakest state and split into different faiths and factions, where national unity does not exist at all. The elite is disconnected with the poor masses, and the middle-class is stuck in between, catering to both.

In 2011 the liberals although few in number must make truce with the national situation and understand that they do not have representation, as the winds from the right after Salmaan Taseer had started to fall over the country. If this is what will help bring the change in Pakistan and is what the majority wants, then for the sake of a united Pakistan it must be welcomed by all. As of today we have maintained the status quo which has always encouraged the stronger to take advantage of the weaker locally and Internationally.

Musharraf and rest of the country, including the armed forces were cornered by the USA, to make the greatest mistake by joining in with the 'War on terror'. There would have been a revolution then if the people did not want to be a part of it, and be prepared to fight the mighty army of the USA. But that didn't happen, and we were saved from being 'bombed to the dark ages'.

This never ending war initiated by the attacks on 9/11 planned and executed by the Saudi's and Qatari's but Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan were put to make it our very own, under the aggressive doctrine of pre-emptive strike.

Obama administration realises that Pakistanis have defended the people of USA with their lives, livelihood, and future at stake. But I don't know if the commoner in the United States is aware of this sacrifice we give so they can continue to enjoy the best of the world. Fortunately, the Americans remain free of terrorism on their soil since 9/11, when in reality a larger number of the worlds population remains in fear and goes through mental stress everyday.

Sadly, the USA in spite of all the past assurances that they will not desert us like they did in the 80's, have started to twist Pakistan's arms maintaining a threatening diplomatic posture over the controversial arrest of Mr. Raymond Davis. If this evident hypocrisy was not enough, the champions of democracy, requested Pakistan Army Chief to influence and force upon the democratic Government for Mr. Davis's  release. It make their actions appear very arrogant and selfish especially when the case is in a court of law, which the US has stated a number of time previously, as an important pillar of State which they will always respect.

As expected the American media calls him a hero for defending himself in a nation of thugs and looters, and all the blame is on Pakistan Government for putting behind bars and American defence contractor who has diplomatic immunity. But Pakistani media tells us details based on investigations and the actual events that took place in presence of hundreds, and I hope the mind-controlled-cum-politically-gullible American people will want to be correctly informed so the truth prevails.

Adding to the confusion, Pakistan's Foreign office has been displaying criminal intent by not confirming even after weeks of the incident if Mr. Davis did actually have immunity or not according to the protective laws by the Geneva convention. If he does have immunity, then he should not have been arrested in the first place, regardless of his crime. But if he doesn't, then he must serve his sentence and punishment.

The lives taken by Mr. Davis may be of alleged robbers or intelligence officials as claimed. However, this is not what interests the US at the moment. Neither do they have concern for the innocent young man being crushed to death by the official back-up vehicle, and suicide in reaction by the wife of one of the men shot by Mr. Davis. All the Obama administration wants is the release of its man.

The US needs to make the decision quickly if they want Pakistan to remain undisturbed by any popular reaction against them or they must be willing to take all the chances and push or self-attempt perhaps for Mr. Davis's release, bypassing the laws of the land.

Nations of the world must note this superior attitude the US wants to keep with its friends, because it will not be too far before they have become your foe as well. Already they have mishandled the Egyptian crises, and I fear they will make more of such mistakes around the world, especially by once again pushing Pakistan against the wall to their demands, but optimism allows one to believe that this time as the lava bursts, hopefully our public representatives, countrymen and forces will stand up to it as a united nation, and have the guts to look into the eye of the bully.

Enough! Viva la revolution
Syed Ali Raza Abidi

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