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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Middle Class Rule!

It was March 18th 1984 when a group of young students emerged as a political party on the political map of Pakistan. The purpose of struggle was to get the identification as “son of soil”. The message was very clear that this country needs equality among all classes for the unity. The next message was featured by the real faces of youth the country should be ruled by the majority class which is 98%  “middle class”. The class which runs the wheels of the society through their sweat and blood, brains and hearts; should rule the nation. They started the movement by gathering one group “muhajirs” under one name “MQM” and within four years they were ruling the streets of Karachi and Hyderabad and won with majority seats in the local body election and Parliamentarian elections respectively. Altaf Hussain’s strategy and ideology was distinguished and different among other politicians in Pakistan in which he never contested in the elections and emerged as a best teacher and king maker from lower-middle class and for the middle and lower class of Pakistan.
In my opinion this noticeable strategy was a challenge for other leaders and the rulers of elite class who had dream to rule this nation from beginning till the world ends. They took it as a challenge and tried to crush the new rising of middle class with the full force of agencies and establishment. They destroyed the structure of the movement, the offices, they killed many innocent workers and many were on the run away from their homes and families.
It took them many years to get back in one piece but Altaf Hussain didn’t give up, and his love and teachings brought all the hidden faces back to the old place, the place called “90” in Karachi.
Today they are called “Mutahidda Qaumi Movement” which means the united national party and truly the only party which is talking about uniting the nation. Today when the largest party PPP is playing the regional politics by calling strikes in one province against their government on dismissing a Sindhi official, PML (N) has been squeezed to half Punjab and ANP has been playing the political game on the name of Pashtoons ; here MQM held multinational convention which showed the acumen of Altaf Hussain.
On March 18th 2011 MQM is celebrating the 27th anniversary which is the sign of strength in their political ideology and assurance of  unity for the nation from this platform  and the victory of the truth.


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