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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

India’s Terror Errors

India’s much trumped terrorists list for which Pakistan is maligned seems full or errors. Despite the ongoing peace efforts India spares no opportunity to defame Pakistan in the eyes of international community. Pakistan is blamed for each and every thing happened inside India. Regardless of the hard fact that India itself is self sufficient in supporting the terrorist and subversive activities in the region it held others responsible for any of the incident. India’s much publicized list comprising the names of 50 top terrorists has created an embarrassment for India itself as two of the terrorists out of the list are found residing inside India. One of the two, Feroz Abdul Khan is in a jail of Mumbai and Indian government was trying to find its clue in Pakistan. It is for sure that India lacks its own terrorism policy and it keeps seeking for any of the incident to get benefit out of it. Soon after the Abbottabad operation and American claims that Osama was hiding there India spared no time to release a list of 50 others ”Most wanted terrorists” which they said were also hiding in Pakistan. Thanks god India has found two of the most wanted from its own bag. Only a transparent and dedicate effort is required it will get all of them from its own hoard.

This exclusive news has not been telecast by the Pakistani news channels but an Indian channel, NDTV itself has exposed the information. It is routine matter at the part of the Indian authorities to blame Pakistan that they don’t even check their record and availability of the ‘culprits’ to whom they may have already engaged somewhere else. Same happened in Mumbai attack as well as the attack was undergoing and yet none of the investigation was made but Indian television channels were telecasting the news items of Pakistan’s involvement in that.
At least this incident has disclosed Indian designs regarding Pakistan that the person who was said to be involved in the 1993 Mumbai bomb explosions was blamed to be patronized by Pakistan. Matter of the fact was however that the person was on the disposal of Indian government itself which was providing him (the prisoner) with the food and the health facilities. It was the first ever incident of its kind as another terrorist whose name was in the list named Zahul Kamar Khan was also found roaming around in the streets of the Mumbai city. His family while talking to the media coincidently again NDTV apprised that their ancestors were living at that place since years and Zahul had nothing to do with the Pakistan but what to do of Indian mindset which is more Pakistan centric than that of any thing else. Indian intelligence agencies were so perturbed on this news that they immediately removed the names of the two terrorists from their website.
India has to understand the fact that if it is really sincere to have peaceful environment in the region then it has to refrain from such blame games. As this sort of a dirty game never supports any of the friendly moves. On one side India is fond enough to have trade relations with Pakistan, it was interested to have Iran gas pipeline through Pakistan and it has inked an agreement on Afghan Transit Trade with Pakistan and on the other it goes so a cheap that at least bigger nations never be expected for. No one knows how much time India is going to take to grow up enough to set aside this mindset in the greater interest of the both sides’ masses.
Media has just been able to find out these two names. One can expect that the remaining 48 terrorists must also be living a happy life in India. None of the countries including America and England have spoken on the fake list. On the other they are always there to pressurize Pakistan to support Indian stance. So much so America has many a times reiterated that if in future any of the Mumbai like attack is repeated India has the right to respond Pakistan with same sort of  move. It is not only that India’s list is fake many of its terrorists attacks were also staged to malign Pakistan. Smajhota Express train attack was one example of that. Sixty-eight people were killed in the ensuing fire and dozens more were injured. Out of the 68 fatalities, most were Pakistani citizens. Lateron it was probed during the investigations that Indian army’s serving Lieutenant Colonel Prohit was mastermind of that attack. One of the convict Pandit Aseemanad disclosed that it was a joint venture of Indian army and its extremists Hindu organizations. The attack was made a day prior to Pakistani foreign ministers visit to India. This is how Indian army and extremist Hindus sabotage any of the effort done in order to normalize the two counties relations.
So this is not a new for the Pakistani public. They know India has many faces. It first ever face was seen during 1948 when its own prime minister Mr. Jawaher Lal Nehru took the Kashmir problem to the UN and later termed the same as its integral part. The way India recruited and trained Mukti Bahnies in East Pakistan and the way India is using Afghan soil for conduction of terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. And the way India is involved in Balochistan it may not remain a mystery to understand Indian designs to destabilize Pakistan.
As for as the terrorist attacks and series of blame game is concerned it is for sure that India is not alone in this fixture. India has many allies to destabilize Pakistan. Their game plan seems obvious from the Abbottabad operation. But like a responsible media an Indian TV channel has stepped forward to chalk out the moves designed to malign peace efforts, which are obviously a major hindrance in the way of prosperity, affluence, delight, growth, development and above all masses to masses relations of the two countries.
By Yousaf Alamgirian

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