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Saturday, May 14, 2011

150 TTP(cia) operatives active in Karachi !

Karachi—More than 150 operatives of terrorist organisations are present in each and every educational institution of the city who convince students and send them to Waziristan tribal region for being trained to become suicide bombers.

This was revealed by three terrorists affiliated with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) arrested some days earlier, during interrogation.

It should be mentioned that Mahaz, Habibullah and Habibur Rehman, three members of banned outfit during police investigations have made shocking revelations which has spread concerns among the parents whose children were studying in different educational institutions of the city. They told the police said that members of these organisations convince the students for rebellion through different tactics. The students were brain washed and reminded about the misdeeds of the rulers, injustices in the society and were told they would directly reach paradise if they target those law violators in suicide blasts.

The detained extremists said that recently they had trained 15-year-old boy for suicide attack. The police keeping in view the revelations made by under detention extremists have increased their vigilance. 

A meeting to take the staff and heads of the different institutions would also be commenced shortly so as to closely watch the situation. 

Police have also started search for the young suicide bomber who has recently returned from Waziristan after getting training and was waiting for the stipulated target.—INP

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