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Sunday, May 8, 2011

US Attacks Pakistan: Pakistan Forces to be Alert

By Raja G Mujtaba
Most people tend to brush aside as conspiracy theory what are clearly Zionist designs. But what is often dismissed as conspiracy theory turns out to be an intuitive analysis that is firmly grounded in little known historical facts. If people are unaware of history and want to keep their eyes shut, they are most welcome to do so; but then episodes like Abbottabad will continue to be repeated, and the people nominally in power will have not a word to offer in protest.

In February 2010, Jeff Gates, the author of Guilt By Association, was in Pakistan, where he met almost all those who were concerned with Pakistan’s security. Jeff’s only pitch was that Israel and its Zionist supporters are out to destroy Pakistan, with India also playing a part. Israel would not conduct open raids against Pakistan; instead, the U.S. would be given the dirty task. Wherever he went, he explained two theories on which the Zionist operatives are working. He quoted Robert Gates, the former U.S. Secretary of Defence, who had said that the most dangerous enemies are the “people in between” who replace facts with falsehood to create perceptions. By this, he meant primarily the role of the Zionist-controlled media who would never allow facts to be revealed to the public but convey a picture that suits their agenda. Here Jeff also discussed field-based warfare where a chart would be drawn, false flag operations would be filled in the fields that would all lead or point to Pakistan. After having conducted several such operations, Pakistan would be declared as the next “evil doer.” This is what has happened today; Pakistan is being accused of harbouring terrorists—therefore, Pakistan, the evil doer, must be attacked to eliminate such elements. Jeff and Gordon Duff (who was also here) went on the TV to appraise the Pakistani people of the situation.
Things have not stopped here. Pakistan’s fragmentation is also on the cards, not to forget Blaochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Awami National Party (ANP) , all of which have a very shady background and their linkages with India, CIA, MI6 and Mossad etc. are well known. BLA and TTP were in direct contact with Raymond Davis. Here I would not absolve parties like Peoples Party and almost all the factions of Pakistan Muslim League that have no vision or commitment to Pakistan except their personal agendas.
Beginning with 9/11, all false flag operations, be it Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Faisal Shahzad in Times Square, New York; the London bombings; the Madrid train bombings; and the Mumbai hotel, where Ajmal Kasaab, an Indian Hindu was projected as a Pakistani citizen, was played up so much to make it certain that he be accepted as a Pakistani. Here our own media, especially Geo, played a very dirty role.
When Jeff was here, he asked all those whom he met, “Please help us to help you expose the real enemy of both Pakistan and the Unites States.” But it appears his request and pleading fell on deaf ears.
Now, starting from Raymond Davis, all those stories that were buried as “conspiracy theories” have come out of the closets. The attack on Abbotabad is the first visible indication that the U.S. is being induced to attack Pakistan to take out its nukes.
Whether Osama was real or fake is of no consequence when looking at the Pakistan’s security situation. Pakistan’s airspace has been violated in spite of the fact when we have all sorts of radars. Where were our AWACS to detect the ground-hugging fliers? To say that we were not expecting any external threat is hardly credible. It’s well known that the Zionist-controlled U.S. is no friend of ours. She has struck has several times in the past, all under the cover of friendship.
Certainly this raid on the supposed Osama hideout next to the Pakistan Military Academy, with half a dozen other regimental centers in close vicinity, has given tons of experience and confidence to the U.S. that could now propel them to reach our nuclear installations. If this happens, then what would our military planners say after the raid has been carried out? Would they advance the same argument: “an attack from the west was not imminent hence we had our defences down”? Not only America but now both India and Israel also know that Pakistan can be caught unawares, so they might also be looking forward to making a sneak raid. Knowing that both these countries have a strong presence in Afghanistan, and India also has an operational base in Tajikistan with SU 30s on the ground, they would always be on the look out for opportunities. Keeping the present security failure in mind, India stands a fairly good chance of success.
Now it’s about time that Pakistan should reassess her relationship with the United States. On this, I asked Maidhc Ó Cathail, an analyst of U.S. foreign policy, who said, “Unless Pakistan ends its abusive relationship with the U.S., the relationship is going to end Pakistan — much to the delight of India and Israel. As far as I see it, Pakistan should be forming a defensive alliance with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, Myanmar and other countries targeted for destabilization by the powers that be.”
Why can’t Pakistan talk straight and tell the U.S. that 9/11 was a false flag operation, with much of the evidence indicating that it was staged and manipulated by the Mossad? And therefore it has nothing to do with the so-called “war on terror,” that in fact emerged only after the killing of hundreds and thousands of innocents (collaterals) that produced terrorists from every house in the affected areas. Pakistan should distance itself from this insane war being waged in the name of fighting terrorism—but which is actually targeting Muslims and Islam. Since 9/11, so many independent investigations have been carried out, all saying the same thing, that it was a false flag operation conducted for the benefit of Zionist Israel and the closely-linked military-industrial complex of the United States. I did refer this question to Anthony Lawson, an eminent investigative reporter who has done in-depth research on 9/11 and other false flag operations, who said, “Why should anyone believe anything that comes out of the United States any more?  Quite clearly, the original 9/11 story was full of holes, as I have already mentioned in my interview with Kourosh Ziabari.  I have also read, many times, that the FBI says it has “no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”.  And, on top of that, there are many people who think that Mr bin Laden died or was killed a long time ago.
Furthermore, the so-called terrorist organisation: al Qaeda, was an invention of the CIA’s during its attempts to get the Russians out of Afghanistan.  Apparently, to their clandestine operatives, al Qaeda meant something like “The List” or “The Database” of some of Osama bin Laden’s own operatives.  This kind of shorthand slang is quite common in many organisations, but this one suddenly morphed into a fully-fledged terrorist organisation with as many branches as 7-Eleven, or Pakistan’s equivalent of that ubiquitous 24-hour American convenience-shop, only days after September 11th, 2001.  As I state in my video:  9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons Osama bin Laden has denied that he ever claimed responsibility [for 9/11].  Almost anyone with a telephone or Internet access can claim to be a member of al Qaeda and make such threats; including U.S. government employees.
It [al Qaeda] has affiliates wherever the CIA or CNN or the BBC, without providing any proof, like to imagine they have affiliates, and they are now describing suspects who were apprehended prior to 2001, when the name al Qaeda was coined, as being members of an organisation that was yet to be invented.
Other than the above, I couldn’t begin to guess what effect this is going to have on Pakistan/U.S. relations.  Diplomats and politicians have a way of spinning such incidents to suit their own agendas, whether or not there are any real issues of cause and effect, and any nation or group that wanted to mount a false-flag operation and to blame it on al Qaeda are probably well into the planning stages, as I write this.  Such an event is like an announcement that it is open season for terrorist attacks, real or pseudo.”
On the Osama operation, the statements of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are very meaningful. Kerry said that the U.S. is assessing the strategical capabilities of Pakistan. This is a very loaded statement, meaning an attack on Pakistan could be imminent, but before that Pakistan’s strength has to be fully assessed. Clinton is saying that the U.S. has every reason to believe that Mullah Omar and other outfits are also present in Pakistan.
China has given a serious warning to the US not to mess with Pakistan, messing with Islamabad would be taken as messsing with Beijing. This warning from China is indicative that things are very serious and we must not relax.
For Pakistan it’s a very clear message: would Pakistan’s military leadership of all three services reassess the need to make a clean break from the U.S. and look towards other options to meet our national aspirations? What General Kayani said on the martyrs day “that economic development of Pakistan is essential but at what cost? Should it be at the cost of national sovereignty and honour?” This pledge needs to be translated into action immediately. It has a lot more weight to it today than ever before. The national leadership inclusive of the military leadership should cut down on expenses and set an example of austerity.Theleadership, both political and the military must tone down their lifestyle to an ordinary level and give up the princely styles so that we can stand on our own feet within our available resources. Given the lead, the nation would follow with pride.
Lets not waste any more time and build the pipeline from Iran for our hydrocarbon needs. The same pipeline should also be extended to China that would make its defence the joint responsibility of all the three countries.

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