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Friday, April 15, 2011


Pakistan Army troops rescued Turkish Ambassador at Ivory Coast Mr Yekcin Kaga Erensoi alongwith three other staff members, Mr Golant, Mr Mahmut (third Secretary) and Mr Ali Ahisk at Ivory Coast (Abijan) on 11 April 2011. Turkish Ambassador was trapped in a Hotel in a volatile situation where gun battle was going on in rival factions when he asked Pakistani troops for help Pakistani troops immediately rushed and rescued the Turkish Embassy staff.  Nine Nigerian citizens who were trapped in troubled area were also rescued by Pakistani troops. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan Army troops as part of UN Contingent are playing an active role in saving here the lives of the innocent people of Côte d'Ivoire. Pakistani troops have performed extremely well by protecting foreign embassies and effectively controlling the situation in their area of responsibility. United Nations have greatly appreciated Pakistani Peacekeeper’s contributions in restoring peace in the country.

Pakistan troops are deployed in Ivory Coast since 2004 and their role has been commendable as UN Peacekeepers. During last Presidential elections an additional batch of Pakistani troops was specially moved from Liberia to establish law and order in the most turbulent areas of Ivory Coast. Pakistani troops executed the assigned task in a befitting manner which was highly appreciated by UN authorities.

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