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Sunday, April 17, 2011

MQM Militancy Wing, A Fairy Tale OR Media trial?

What a sizzling, thrilling start of the day. The next morning of the MQM Jalsa in Lahore and all the newspapers and epapers have highlights and top stories of MQM’s militant wing and their target killings. The stories were perfect from all the angels of suspense, thrill and drama.   I looked back at the calendar hanging on my wall, was I dreaming or am I back in 1995. All those funny names and characters of the past were in action. This time it was Ajmal Pahari telling the fairy tales of MQM’s horror movie to the province of Punjab.
WOW…I said…What a  dramatized timing…just after the MQM public gathering in Lahore, horror stories emerged in all the news papers of Pakistan. So who is behind everything in Pakistan? Someone really wants to manoeuvres the whole nations way of thinking in their own way and is so powerful that the whole print and e-media is obliged to obey them. It must not be just one political party or just ruling elite. It is someone greater.
All fairy tales…stories told by militants themselves without any hesitation is very unusual. What they were doing since so long ? why not captured in last 15 years? Or they had been waiting for the MQM to shift their movement in Punjab?
When we learn something happening we first learn the history of that something, how it evolved in the past. The history tells us that similar kind of sizzling and horrifying stories of MQM terrorism emerged in every news paper and on television in 90’s in 1992 and 1995 during the state and military operations against the MQM. The beneficiaries were the especially PML-N and the other feudo-capitalist political parties. Those reports and media trail against the MQM diffused the chances for the MQM to emerge as a large national political party but then later on in the coming years, we saw none of the cases, MQM was proven guilty in the courts as they all appeared to be politicized and fake.
The recent stories like the one we saw in all the news papers and in an article by Ansar Abbasi is also very sizzling and dramatic like all the previous stories that we used to read in popular Urdu news papers in the past. It has all the thrill, suspense, action and situation that is required for a hit Hollywood movie but it has some major loop holes and blunders in its script a flop “Lollywood” movie, quite enough to prove MQM innocent.

The main character of this action thriller is Ajmal Pahari who was recently arrested in Karachi is a fairy tale character.
Who is Ajmal pahari? Of course it is not the real name. Is another Pakistani national who is a political activist, a peaceful worker had been declared a killer and terrorist ? isn’t it.
So this chap without any hesitation has told that MQM has a militant wing? Where is it?
Where are the MQM’s militancy training camps? In medical colleges, universities or high schools of Karachi? Or in the clouds? They must be somewhere on earth? MQM must not be getting their militant wing trained in the Taliban training camps hosted by Pakistani establishment as a gesture of good will !
Probably MQM is giving the militancy training by Mustufa Kamal and hundreds of similar sort of workers of their Khidmat e Khalq Foundation? but I am giving example of Mustufa Kamal as he is not working as Nazim e Karachi  and free these days and also has a leading role in MQM’s top militant wing which was active during the 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood killing people and breaking dams and pushtas all over Pakistan.  Pakistani youth, must think twice.
Well, a question arises here and that is, How many bombings and killings had this so-called MQM militant wing done in the Punjab, Khyber Paktunkhwah and Karachi? Although, we saw extreme incidents of bombings and killings and claims by Tehrik e Taliban but have never seen anyone got caught and telling the terrifying stories of crimes in front of the security agencies so fluently which is a proof that our security agencies are totally failed to counter terrorism in Pakistan then how come they discover MQM militant wing and its terrorist speaking against the MQM so easily? This is against logic. We never saw them solving any single case of terrorism including, Benazir’s murder, bombings on Shrines and mosques, anything except the criminal wings of the MQM which is the only political party emerged from the middle classes of Pakistan. How strange?
Whenever there is some sort of fake story against someone who is innocent, which can be dis-proven,  the only way to make it un-disputable is to involve someone who is not available to defend it. So here is the case, they involved MQM’s Shaheed Leader Dr.Imran Farooq as the person behind the planning of these crimes as he is not in this world to disprove and defend this in the court. Of course they did not use the name of any present leadership of the MQM as they cannot proof them guilty in the courts.
All those funny characters like kan kata and Saeed bharam we used to hear about in 90′s are back in the headlines now although terrifying but they’re really so funny that on one hand they are trained militants but have no hesitation in telling dangerous secrets without any trouble like they were waiting for centuries to tell these exciting stories in a go.
Like the past, this time again, long before any court proceedings, complete stories of crimes had been published in the e-papers as if they were proven facts.
All the case references given in the article by Ansar Abbasi were already been closed and proven political trials.
This is the only political party of the middle class people in Pakistan representing the national language which is Urdu and all the cases including the Jinnah Pur media trail were proved to be conspiracies against the state and people involved in it had apologized on media and all those cases in the past were made with very big loop holes, incorrect information and were fake. The country was almost destroyed and still in the occupation of the same old faces and feudal system. Once again and surprisingly, at the time when MQM is starting their political journey in Punjab, the same old stories about the MQM are emerged all over the media with all the same thrill and drama to deviate the minds of the youth of Pakistan and especially the minds of the poor and deprived people pf the Punjab who are now seeing the MQM as their last hope for survival. This is to keep them far from the message of truth and keep them far from the light and fruits of true democracy.
18 years of negative propaganda, military operation and Jinnah pur accusation against the MQM resulted in nothing but apologies.
God knows after how many years they will apologize for their mistakes in front of the whole nation using the same media next time? But they should really do it within a year or so this time, because the nation does not have 18 more years to lose.

Khurram Hasan

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