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Saturday, April 2, 2011

India Unleashes Menacing Campaign Against Pakistan

Pakistan Observer

Islamabad—Living under a threat, Pakistani community in Bahrain is confronting a menacing campaign unleashed by Indian officials and intelligence agencies by cleverly turning the Shia-Sunni tension against them in the unrest in the Kingdom. 

According to reports revealed by leaders of Pakistani community on telephonic contact and expatriates visiting Pakistan , houses of Pakistanis are being marked for attack and hatred is being created against them by Indians using some leaders of Shia community. 

The Indians are spreading the propaganda that Pakistanis working in security establishments of Bahrain had been deployed to attack Shias. This poisonous and dangerous move has two objectives – to “demonstrate” that Pakistanis are not wanted in Bahrain and second is to damage Pak-Iran relations. This is the Indian agenda being carried out in Bahrain cleverly, the leaders of Pakistani community said.

They said the Indian intelligence agency RAW which has penetrated in the government and private business houses of the oil-rich island has become a threat to Pakistan and Pakistani community.

Muhammad Ishtiaq, one of the leaders of Pakistani community revealed to this scribe that his house has been marked and his life is threatened.

According to him, some Shia leaders of Wefaq party are being used by the Indian officials for propagating against Pakistanis. The Indian officials and under cover RAW agents are seen visiting and meeting such Shia leaders frequently.

Another Pakistani Ishaq Ahmad said Indian contacts with Bahrain ’s opposition party leader, Hassan Mushaima and Ahle Baith Society is well known in Bahrain . Hassan Mushaima has recently returned from exile in London . The officials from Indian embassy are seen visiting him frequently, he said.

He said Pakistanis have been working in Bahrain for quite some time but there was no cause of complaint against them. But, in the recent trouble, the Indian officials have become very active and trying to turn Shia community against Pakistanis.

Muhammed Aslam who is working in a big private business house said 

Pakistanis, who have been living in Bahrain peacefully and abiding all laws and regulations of the Kingdom do not harbour any ill will against Shia community of Bahrain . 

Another report from Manama disclosed that more than 15000 Indian housemaids are working at the residences of top Bahraini officials including officials of security apparatus. RAW is using them as instruments against Pakistanis.

It is interesting to note that over 300, 000 Indians out of about 500,000 expatriates are working in Bahrain . Their number is growing very fast. Pakistanis are in a range of 50000 to 60000 only.

The influence of Indians has spread not only to Bahraini establishments but also to big private business where they have occupied all key positions. 

Another Pakistani Hashmat who is running his own business in Bahrain said Indians dominate the top most establishments such as Ahmed Al Ali, Fakhro, Kanoo, Koohejis, Mohammad Jalal, Abdullah Nass and Al-Zayani and Al-Moayyad.

He said there are at least seventy unregistered Indian clubs and cultural organizations, each having thousands of membership including Bahrainis.

Hashmat said Indian embassy controls more than a dozen Hindu religious centres and six Gurdwaras. The Indian officials including the under cover RAW agents control and monitor activities of most of the Indian clubs and Associations. The activities of such bodies are generally directed against Pakistan and Pakistani community. 

He said the situation is worsening and there was a need to counter Indian propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistanis.

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