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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enemy out to discredit Army and ISI

The US and Western media have intensified propaganda against the Pakistan Army and its security agencies to discredit the defenders of Pakistan and create a situation like the one that had led to the disintegration of what was once the Soviet Union, according to a senior official who knows how the enemies had acted to wipe off the global map the only power that used to challenge the United States. Talking to TheNation on Wednesday, the official said the enemy wanted to demoralise Pakistan’s security forces so that they were unable to play any role in case the Islamic republic faced a situation like the one Libya, Syria and some other Arab countries have been through. 

Ultimately, the official said, a time would come when pressure would be mounted on Pakistan to roll back its nuclear programme. “They want to keep Pakistan under constant pressure and portray it as a suspect at international level,” he said.
The official said: “We are closely watching the enemy tactics and are trying to frustrate them.”
Elaborating his viewpoint about the propaganda against the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, he said there was a time when the KGB was a very strong intelligence agency and it foiled many plots against the Soviet Union. However, when it got weakened for whatever reasons, it could not save the USSR from disintegration.

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