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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pak Marines to be deployed at Karachi Fish Harbour

Pak Marines, the special military operations service branch of the Pakistan Navy, will be deployed at the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) while the Pakistan Navy will establish a picket in the sea and inspect each and every boat entering or leaving the harbour as part of increased security measures being adopted to secure naval and civil installations at Karachi port.
This was decided at an important meeting held at Karachi Fish Harbour with Sindh Fisheries Minister Zahid Bhurgari in the chair while representatives from the Pakistan Navy, Maritime Security Agency (MSA), Fishing Trawlers Association, and representatives of fishermen also attended the meeting.              

The meeting extensively reviewed the security of the KFH and sensitive installations in its surroundings and decided that the Director-General, Rangers, Sindh, will be requested to establish a Rangers picket inside the fish harbour at Kala Pani.

It was further decided that after July 31, no fishing or even passenger boat would be allowed to operate in the sea, entering or leaving the fish harbour without registration and in this regard, the Fisheries Department will take steps to motivate fishermen to register their boats.

In the second phase of the enhanced security measures, the Karachi Fish Harbour Authority will register all the people working in its vicinity and nobody will be allowed to enter the harbour without producing his or her registration card.

Pakistan Navy’s representative Commander Mohsin Farooq agreed that Navy would come up with a comprehensive security plan of Karachi Fish Harbour and it would be implemented with the help of the KFHA.

The under the proposed security plan, boundary walls of the fish harbour would be raised and security equipment would be installed at the walls to prevent infiltration while for funds, KFHA would request provincial government to provide required funds for the security.

Provincial Fisheries Minister Zahid Bhurgari emphasised the need for enhanced security at fish harbour and urged all the stakeholders to cooperate in adopting foolproof security of civil and military installations at the harbour and the port.

Source: The News

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